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Chardonnay Dawn

Serenade of the Vineyard: Cold Ocean Breezes and the Chardonnay Dawn

In the Heart of Margaret River

Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of Margaret River, near the rugged Wilyabrup cliffs, lies a hidden gem where vines sway in symphony with the elements. Here, nature’s grace plays an enchanting role in the birth of wines that carry the spirit of the land. In this poetic journey, we invite you to uncover the essence of our winemaking, where cold ocean breezes and early morning chardonnay harvests compose a melodic ode to nature.

1. The Ballad of Cold Ocean Breezes

Subheading: Oceanic Embrace

Upon this coastal canvas, where the azure sea meets the horizon’s edge, a timeless dance begins. Cold ocean breezes pirouette through the vineyard, whispering secrets of distant lands into the grapevines’ eager ears. They caress each leaf, tenderly guiding the ripening process. The maritime zephyr, a gentle conductor, tempers the sun’s ardor, preserving flavors that sing a tale of terroir.

2. Chardonnay at First Light

Subheading: Sunrise Serenity

As the night’s veil retreats, and the sun’s golden crest emerges, a symphony of colors adorns the sky. In this ephemeral moment, our winemakers embrace the call of dawn. With reverence, they traverse the dew-kissed vineyard, baskets in hand, to pluck the delicate chardonnay grapes. The early hour imparts a unique vitality to the harvest, as if capturing the essence of awakening dreams.

3. A Sonnet of the WordPress Tiny MCE Editor

Subheading: Unleashing Creativity

In harmony with the rhythms of nature, we paint our winemaking saga with the versatile strokes of the WordPress Tiny MCE editor. Its poetic array of tools allows us to express the intangible:

  • Like notes on a musical staff, headings punctuate our narrative, guiding readers through the cadence of our winemaking process.
  • In gentle verses, we weave the dance of our chardonnay’s journey, unveiling the reverence we bestow on each grape.
  • The Chardonnay Journey
    • First light reveals ripe clusters, glistening with morning dew.
    • Handpicked, they are cradled with care, cherishing their essence.
    • Gentle pressing coaxes forth nectar, pure and untamed.
    • Oak barrels cradle the liquid gold, nurturing flavors with time.
    • Bottled, it is a lyrical libretto, awaiting the touch of admirers’ lips.


Within the verse, profound whispers resonate, as if penned by the heart of the land itself.

Example: The Earth’s Lament

“Through whispers of the breeze and the caress of the sun, we surrender our secrets, encapsulated in every grape.” – Earth’s Song

3.4 Images

With the palette of images, we paint tapestries that evoke the splendor of our vineyard’s embrace.

3.5 Videos


Coda: An Ode to Nature’s Symphony

As twilight descends, and stars weave tales across the sky, our winery embraces its place in the poetic tapestry of Margaret River. The synergy of cold ocean breezes and early morning chardonnay harvests gifts us with wines that resonate with the essence of this land’s soul. With gratitude to the WordPress Tiny MCE editor, we invite you to journey with us, discovering the harmonious notes that dance from vine to glass. In this ageless sonnet, our wines serenade the senses, a timeless ode to nature’s ever-flowing melody.

  1. Monitoring Ripeness: Before the harvest begins, vineyard managers and winemakers closely monitor the ripeness of the chardonnay grapes. They assess factors such as sugar levels (Brix), acidity, and flavor development to determine the ideal picking time.
  2. Selecting the Harvest Crew: A skilled and attentive harvest crew is assembled to handpick the chardonnay grapes. Handpicking allows for careful selection and ensures that only the best clusters are chosen.
  3. Harvesting in the Early Morning: Chardonnay grapes are typically harvested in the cool, early morning hours when temperatures are lower. This preserves the grapes’ natural acidity and prevents fermentation from starting prematurely.
  4. Equipping for Harvest: Harvesters are equipped with clean picking bins or baskets, ensuring the grapes are handled gently to avoid damage.
  5. Working Row by Row: The harvest crew works systematically, moving row by row through the vineyard. Each picker selectively harvests only the ripe clusters, leaving behind any unripe or damaged grapes.
  6. Inspecting for Quality: As the grapes are picked, they are examined for quality. Any compromised or unsuitable clusters are discarded.
  7. Delicate Handling: Once picked, the chardonnay grapes are carefully placed in the picking bins or baskets to prevent crushing or bruising, which could affect the final wine’s quality.
  8. Transporting to the Winery: Picking bins filled with freshly harvested grapes are transported swiftly to the winery. Minimizing the time between picking and processing is crucial to maintain grape freshness.
  9. Sorting at the Winery: Upon arrival at the winery, the chardonnay grapes undergo further sorting. Any remaining undesirable grapes or debris are removed to ensure only the finest fruit is used in winemaking.
  10. Gentle Pressing: To extract the juice, the chardonnay grapes undergo gentle pressing. The process aims to avoid crushing the seeds, as this could introduce unwanted bitterness to the juice.
  11. Fermentation and Aging: The freshly pressed chardonnay juice is then transferred to fermentation vessels, such as stainless steel tanks or oak barrels, to undergo fermentation. After fermentation, the wine may age in oak barrels to develop complexity and enhance flavors.
  12. Bottling the Chardonnay: Once the winemaker is satisfied with the wine’s development, the chardonnay is carefully bottled, preserving its unique characteristics for wine enthusiasts to enjoy.

The meticulous process of harvesting chardonnay grapes ensures that the winery can produce wines that showcase the true essence of the land and the chardonnay varietal, captivating wine lovers with each sip.