Great Wines, Great Times...
Charles de Gaulle said it best: "Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men" (or great women, for that matter). 

Our father, Brian Edwards, was a great man. Not because of his grandiose achievements, such as flying a Tiger Moth from England to Australia to raise funds for Legacy (although admittedly, that was kind of impressive).

No, our father was a great man for a much simpler reason.

He loved life. He treasured nothing more than great times and great wine, shared with the people he loved most in the world.

Dad loved to laugh, he loved to play, he loved to live. And he had his priorities in the right place. Money and prestige held little interest to him. He knew that sharing great times and great wine with the people you love is priceless.

As dad's sons - I'm Mike, my brother is Christo - we absorbed dad's enthusiasm for love, life and laughter. But we like to think we inherited his hardworking, meticulous nature as well as his exuberance and love of good times. You need these in spades when at the helm of a winery that is 100 per cent family owned and run.

We certainly understand why such a large majority of wineries in the region have sold out to corporations or have become publicly listed over time. We've been doing this collectively for 32 years now - I'm the winemaker, Christo is the viticulturist - we're highly trained and have tonnes of experience and, trust us, this wine making business is not easy, nor a glamorous gig at times. 

But we love it, we're passionate about it and - excuse our seeming lack of modesty - but we truly are good at it. Moreover, we believe in our product. We back our wine against the best in the world 100 per cent.

Here's why; without getting too technical, our winery and vineyard sits on 200 acres in the dress circle of Margaret River, and our property boasts some of the best soils in not only the region or the country, but the world.

Our hand-tended Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Shiraz vines, selected wholly for the ideal suitability to the soils, were strategically planted north to south, to ensure optimal growing conditions. The design of our vineyard is something we spared no time, energy or expense on, and the yield reflects the investment.

Christo and I believe in sustainable viticulture and winery practices, because we know the best wine is produced without the nasties.

We also know a million other tricks of the trade that can only come from seasoned experience.

The truth be told, we didn't actually come to Margaret River to create a world-class winery - like most young men, we simply chased the surf down here, and our parents followed suit (dad liked the idea of his own private airstrip, too).

But as fate would have it, we discovered a passion for grapes and through that passion we've created an unforgettable stable of world-class wines. The kind of wine that is best shared with those you love, amid laughter and great conversation.

Our father passed away in 2003, and not a day goes by that we don't think of him. We try and follow in his generous footsteps, supporting and funding charities including the Torchbearers For Legacy, The Leukaemia Foundation and the University Football Club (UFC) to support youth sport. The community has always meant a lot to the Edwards family.

As for our father's beloved Tiger Moth Matilda, she still holds pride of place on our property. We invite you to Edwards Wines to come and view her (she's really something special), and enjoy a wine or two, and have a chat and a laugh with us.

Great times, great wines. Hope to see you soon.

Mike and Christo Edwards


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