Margaret River

Margaret River, much like this fabulous country of ours, is (almost) "girt by sea", being surrounded on three sides by spectacular ocean. It’s no surprise then that most winemakers in the region are also avid surfers, and definitely one of the many reasons why the lifestyle in the area is so attractive.

The ‘Bordeaux’ climatic profile recognised by Dr John Gladstone in the early 60’s is partly due to this surrounding ocean. Beautiful moderate weather year round with sufficient rain seasonally, as well as gravelly loamy soils contribute to a perfect winemaking region.

Margaret River is a long wine region with numerous vineyards spanning its 70km length, with several micro climates within that distance. The northern end is more suited to cabernet, while the southern is suited to early drinking white styles like SSB and Chardonnay, varieties the area is now famous for. Edwards is fortunate enough to sit somewhere around the middle and enjoys the best growing conditions the area has to offer.


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