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It keeps things interesting around here and improves productivity... especially after the hard slog of vintage. Well, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Any excuse for some gratutious surfing shots! The Post Vintage Inter-Winery Surf competition was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all who had the chance to compete.

Some wineries who were still harvesting or pressing fruit had their team surfing relay style - tag and either launching into the waves or jogging up the beach to head back to the winery. In those instances, there were longing looks cast back at the ocean. Everyone was keen.

Teams of at least four are formed with each surfer having a 3 wave ‘turn’ before swapping with a team mate. Each wave is scored then an average of all waves is calculated. The team with the highest scored averages wins, and this year the honour went to Howard Park. In second place were Streicker Wines with Voyager Estate taking out third. Although our team didn’t place, they were all champions who did us proud - and Tim (AKA ‘Byrnesy’) also won the chance to treat his better half to a delicious dinner at Voyager Estate for ‘Best Re-entry’ (manouver). So next time you enjoy a bottle of wine from one of our Margaret River producers, remember that it also embodies the spirit of things fought for and hard won.

Christo, Byrnesy and Finno pictured respectively. All that training paid off :-)

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