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 Or rather, high-tail it! See below for an email recently received by Tim Duffy, Producer from World Wide Mind films. Help keep Aussie movies in the lime light... Find a session near you here...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank all those who went out and saw Drift this weekend. There's lots of great buzz around the film which is really exciting.

That said, while our weekend Box Office was pretty good for an Aussie film, in reality we're still getting hammered by the much bigger US films. 

For instance, "My Big Wedding", which has been universally panned, beat us in every cinema thanks to their massive ad spend. On one review show on the weekend, they got one star and we got five, and we still got beaten by them! 

In contrast here are some of the reviews we've got so far:

 - "Best Aussie film since The Castle. 5 stars" - Jason Davis, Weekend Sunrise Channel 7

 - "Four Stars" - David & Margaret, At The Movies

 - "I had a ball. It's funny and truthful... and the surfing takes your breath away. Four Stars" Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald

 - "Great story, great cast. 5 stars" Weekend Sunrise Channel 7

 - "So evocative of a time and place and so well acted. Four Stars" - David Stratton, The Australian

 - "Exquisitely shot and warmly crafted" - Erin Free, FilmInk

 - "Thrilling... dramatically compelling" Time Out Magazine

 - "Pollard and Samuel are excellent" - David Stratton, The Australian

 - "The best surfing I've seen in a feature film" - Stu Nettle, Swellnet

 - "Drift is that rare thing: an Australian surf film with not just spectacular wave action but an engaging story" - Garry Maddox, Sydney Morning Herald

So to those of you who haven't had a chance to see it yet, we have until this Thursday to turn it around, and the only way we can do it is through word of mouth and bums on seats. So please, get onto your nearest and dearest to see the film to prove to local cinema chains that Aussies really do like good Aussie films. Feel free to forward this email if it's easier. Anything to cut through the overwhelming ad campaign of Iron Man and co :)

If it doesn't happen by this Thursday they'll cut our screen numbers and we'll disappear from view like every other Aussie film. It's that simple.

Thanks for your support. 



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