I'm UGLY, and I need help!

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Our Cellar Door Crew were recently thanked for being U.G.L.Y. Not your usual compliment but thankfully they didn't take offense. It's the Understanding, Generous, Likeable, You fundraising initiative by The Leukaemia Foundation – see more below.

From their website http://www.ugly.org.au/how-we-help

"Blood cancer is ugly"

Every day, 31 Australians are diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma and together, blood cancer is Australia’s second biggest cause of cancer death. Blood cancer can develop in anyone, of any age, at any time. In aggressive cases, treatment begins within 24 hours.

For regional Aussies, it means leaving work, school and family and relocating to the city for treatment. And because treatment is usually longer than for other cancers, it can take a greater toll. Families can suddenly find themselves in crippling financial circumstances if the person or their carer is also the major breadwinner.

Every $80 we raise can provide a regional family with a fully furnished 'home away from home' for one night near a major hospital if they have to move to be closer to treatment. All of our services are free of charge and we want it to stay that way.  That's a beautiful thing isn't it? And because we receive no ongoing government funding, your fundraising is really important.”

For the month of September and October, we contributed $1 from every bottle of our Edwards wine label sold. So, a massive thank you to all our lovers of Edwards Wines; you helped us raise $2,454.00 dollars to contribute to this important cause. Collectively over $1.16 million was raised by all participants which is equivalent to funding 14,536 nights of free accommodation to regional families during their treatment in the city. 

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