Ryan and Laura wed at Edwards

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It was a privilege to host lovely Ryan Bahri and Laura Willis on their wedding day, Saturday the 14th March. A love of aeroplanes brought them together and so also drew them to Matilda, and using our property as their venue of choice. 

Laura and Ryan  


The weather up to the day had been great, couldn't have asked for better than a warm day with blue skies, but Cyclone Olwyn had other ideas. It started raining on Friday night, so plans from the rehearsal earlier in the day, of having a simple ceremony under the tree had to be revised.

Wonderland Tents and Events came to the rescue with a perfect little marquee so the ceremony could go ahead under cover. This was decorated with the originally planned festoon lighting, which gave a warm glow to an otherwise grey day.

The finishing touches were added; a leather chesterfield setting grandly filled one end of the marquee with a vintage arch provided by Cape of Love at the other. Mismatched wooden chairs lined each side of aisle with a delicate bouquet of flowers in a jar tied to each one. Beautiful textures, shapes and colours were expressed by these bunches, consisting of white and red roses, proteas, gum leaves and fern fronds. Bouquets were also placed in a chandelier hanging from the arch, and on the Janome sewing table, converted to a signing table. For such a simple setting, it was gorgeous and very welcoming.

Bling Event Studio styled our Hangar, giving it a minimalist but warm rustic feel, using wine barrels surrounded by stools and leather ottomans for casual seating. Soft golden lighting was added by three chandeliers as well as strategically placed candle-lit lanterns. Extra light was added by Laura and Ryan's personal touch of large illuminated letters sitting astride three barrels.

The service was officiated by Diane Moore from The Owl and The Pussycat Celebrations, who made everyone feel like they were in the company of an old friend, and collectively that they were reminiscing about good times.

Everything about this wedding exuded warmth, the persistent drizzling rain outside soon forgotten. Although; an old superstition apparently says that rain on your Wedding Day means oodles of good luck - both a life-giving blessing and a life together started with a clean slate.




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